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Yoga teacher

Freelance / parttime


HEAVEN11 is a new innovative yoga concept with the ambition to change the status quo of yoga, muscle strengthening and awareness. The first location will be opened in mid-February at the Bilderdijkstraat and the 2nd location in mid-March at the Middenweg. At HEAVEN11 we encourage you to follow your bliss with a holistic approach. Surrender yourself to the rhythm of our asanas. Music drives the flow. Feel free to express yourself here for there is no ‘just one way’. Our minds and hearts are an open space. We manifest the extraordinary, we celebrate diversity and love fervently. Our flows are pretty lit, quite trippin’ one might say. In the darkness of our studio, illuminated by candlelights, sweet tunes will bring your head up in the clouds. Yoga, muscle strengthening and coordination training all in one seriously fun practice. We will heat the yoga studio up for the majority of the classes with: infrared light. This technology allows for increased flexibility, detoxification and stimulates blood circulation. Together we create heaven on earth.

Job Description

As a yoga teacher at HEAVEN11 you are especially authentic and able to teach a 50 min soulful vinyasa flow based work out. At the beginning of each class you invite participants to connect with their inner self, to connect the strength and softness within. The HEAVEN11 signature class is a variation of yoga flow, muscle strengthening and mindfulness. You observe, serve and entertain. Help
by lifting others, bring light, gain by giving.

  • Teach and guide students through our signature flow classes.
  • As one of the faces of HEAVEN11 you make people feel at home.
  • Help us build a strong community.
  • Create edgy workouts that resonate with our concept.
  • Be a teamplayer.
  • Engage in monthly team meetings and training sessions.
  • Keep our studio safe and clean for everyone.

What type are we looking for

  • a Rockstar Yogi with lack of ego - You know you shine but you are aware that the less it is about you, the more it frees you to observe and serve the students.
  • live the yoga lifestyle and you are a sinner at the same time - At HEAVEN11 we like to call  this
  • a Vinyasa flow teacher, but a variety of other styles of yoga is welcome
  • have a minimum of 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training
  • Familiar with giving meditation or willing to learn.
  • a connector, you are able to build your own tribe.
  • at least 1 year experience in teaching group classes
  • a fluent English speaker
  • a resident of Amsterdam, NL

What we offer

  • A fun environment that enables employees to fully explore their potential.
  • As a boutique studio you work in a beautiful environment.
  • A competitive salary.
  • Growth opportunities within an innovative and fresh concept.
  • Opportunities for personal growth and development.
  • An open, safe and inclusive working environment where people connect.
  • Exciting team outings.
  • As many free HEAVEN11 and ROUND11 workouts you can handle.


This is just the start of something exciting, we invite you to be there and grow with us into the future. Are you ready for a new yoga journey? Connect with us and tell us more about you and your ambitions and don’t be shy to show off your talent. Contact shirley@heaven11studios.com.

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