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Studio Buddy (15-18 yrs)

Contract / parttime


Your chance to be part of the founding team of our new HEAVEN11 Bilderdijk location in the city centre of Amsterdam. Seeking Soulful Studio buddies to run the show.

We believe high standards in hospitality and customer service will help build a solid community within our boutique studios. We are looking for people with that one of a kind natural magnetism and high levels of human empathy. After all, yours is the first face clients see when they step into the studio.


Note: To be a buddy to our hosts you can apply between 15 - 18 years old - no experience needed! 

Core responsibilities

  • Help the host to advice on the packs and products HEAVEN11 has to offer (and actually sell them while you are at it).
  • Blend together everyone’s new favorite recovery shake.
  • Promote our merchandise by making people feel fabulous in it.
  • Make sure everyone is provided with a fresh and clean pair of gloves each training session.
  • Support our training staff by managing their studio set-up.
  • Ensure that the studio is clean and make people feel at home the second thay step in.
  • Engage in quarterly hosting staff meetings. Train at HEAVEN11 & ROUND11 yourself when you can! We want you to know and breathe the concept.
  • Connect with your team and guests.


What's in it for you

  • Growth opportunities within an innovative and fresh concept.
  • Opportunities for self development
  • An open, safe and inclusive working environment where people connect.
  • Team outings
  • As many free HEAVEN11 workouts as you can chew.
  • This is just the start of something exciting, we invite you to be there and grow with us into the future.

The type we are looking for:

  • You can NOT WAIT to grow this brand with us and our highly driven team of motivated souls. Hospitality is your middle name.
  • You are the kind, friendly, optimistic and outgoing type.
  • You like the thought of working in a start-up (hello growth opportunities!).
  • You are flexible and aware that a job like this requires working weekends and holidays on occasion.
  • You thrive by growth, ambitions and change.

contact hello@heaven11studios.com.

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